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That was medicine for me today thank you also Reimagined World is wonderful 💥

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Wow, Beverly, this one is so richly inspirational that it moved me to pay for a subscription. You echo most eloquently what I'm working on now, and you reassure me that it's what needs to be said.

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when I spent my years in activism and service during the AIDS terror (and when, as you know, I was working with gay Catholics) I studied also the terror time of slavery, and how the enslaved people recreated themselves as people, free and human, in art and religion (music and lore, performance and possession--as even we needed to find during the AIDS terror). One of the phrases I smelted in that crucible was that faith is a form of knowledge (I would say, requiring all of the disciplines of thought and emotion, instinct and material query, rapture and critical inquiry--and all, all at once). Be well (and with new healing, everyday) my friend, Beverly Naidus as you continue on your journey.

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